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Seattle Police Officers Save Baby & Mom from Domestic Violence Attack

So PROUD of our professional, caring Officers who successfully and safely rescued a mom and her baby from a Domestic Violence attack. The person who took the video said, “Police officers were holding her, you know as gently as possible and then another officer took her and patting her on the butt, like you would […]

At the Capitol, SPOG President Mike Solan on Prisoner Release

Washington’s recidivism rate is approximately 32% (https://worldpopulationreview.com/states/recidivism-rates-by-state/) in 2020. Almost a third of prisoners released are likely therefore to re-victimize someone. Releasing a Tsunami of felons on the state is far from keeping the state healthy, as some in state leadership suggest they are attempting to do.

Seattle Police Officers Guild Joins Press Conference in Opposition of Releasing Inmates

For Immediate Release Wednesday April 22, 2020 Contact: Mike Solan Email: Mike@seattlepoliceguild.org Mike Solan – President Pete Schrantz– Vice President Walt Hayden – Secretary/Treasurer (OLYMPIA, WA) Seattle Police Officers Guild President Mike Solan will join crime victims and elected officials at a press conference tomorrow to voice their opposition to Governor Inslee’s planned release of […]

SPOG and KCPOG Statement Regarding Early Release of Prisoners

For Immediate Release Wednesday, April 15, 2020 Contact: Mike Solan, SPOG, Mike@seattlepoliceguild.org & Mike “Manny” Mansanerez, KCPOG, Mike@kcpog.com Seattle Police Officers’ Guild and King County Police Officers Guild Release Joint Statement Regarding Early Release of Prisoners (Seattle, WA) Seattle Police Officers’ Guild President Mike Solan and King County Police Officers Guild President Mike “Manny” Mansanerez release […]

SPOG To Share COVID19 Task Force Live Stream

Seattle, WA- On Wednesday, March 25, a local public access news affiliate announced it will no longer be airing the White House’s live press COVID-19 news briefings. SPOG President Mike Solan Released the following statement:

Seattle Police Best Practices During COVID19

Your Seattle Police, along with fellow Departments and Police Unions nationally, are working together to develop and share best practices to keep our Officers and communities safe and functioning well during this crisis. “As every police agency and union in the nation scrambles to deal with the COVID-19 virus outbreak, it can be easy to […]

SPOG Supports Elementary School During Holidays

During the holidays, we bought presents and sponsored families of students at Rainier View Elementary. We also had the opportunity to visit classrooms handing out high fives and candy canes, and witnessed the dedication of all the teachers of Rainier View Elementary. Check out the video! A very special thank you to Principal Anitra Jones […]

Seattle Police Officers Guild Elects New Board of Directors

Seattle Police Officers’ Guild 2949 Fourth Avenue South Seattle, WA 98134 206.767.1150 (phone) 206.768.1848 (fax) Kevin Stuckey – President Mike Solan – Vice President Walt Hayden – Secretary/Treasurer     PRESS RELEASE February 4, 2020 TO: All Media Outlets FM: Sarah Scott, Administrative Director, Seattle Police Officers’ Guild RE: Seattle Police Officers’ Guild Elects New […]