At the Capitol, SPOG President Mike Solan on Prisoner Release

Washington’s recidivism rate is approximately 32% ( in 2020. Almost a third of prisoners released are likely therefore to re-victimize someone. Releasing a Tsunami of felons on the state is far from keeping the state healthy, as some in state leadership suggest they are attempting to do.

Seattle Police Officers Guild Joins Press Conference in Opposition of Releasing Inmates

For Immediate Release
Wednesday April 22, 2020
Contact: Mike Solan

Mike Solan – President
Pete Schrantz– Vice President
Walt Hayden – Secretary/Treasurer

(OLYMPIA, WA) Seattle Police Officers Guild President Mike Solan will join crime victims and elected officials at a press conference tomorrow to voice their opposition to Governor Inslee’s planned release of 1,167 inmates from Washington State’s Department of Corrections due to the COVID-19 crisis. The Washington State Supreme Court will be hearing arguments on this matter, Court In Colvin V. Inslee.

“The inmates are behind bars for a reason and this is an injustice to crime victims. We disagree with Governor Inslee’s efforts to release inmates and view this as a critical public safety issue. Our officers work hard to fight for the safety of our neighborhoods and will continue to do so.”

TIME: 9 a.m.
DATE: Thursday, April 23, 2020
LOCATION: Steps of the Temple of Justice. 415 12th Ave SW., Olympia
SPEAKERS/ATENDEES: Sen. Keith Wagoner, Mike Solan President Seattle Police Officers Guild President, Bob Lurry Vice President King County Police Officers Guild, Tonya Fenton and Other Crime Victims

Seattle Police Officers’ Guild is the largest police labor union in the Northwest. We represent over 1,300 members, which includes all of the officers and sergeants on the Seattle Police Department. As a not for profit corporation, we receive no funding from government agencies or tax dollars. We strive to provide assistance to officers, their families and the community. Over the years, we have been able to make funds available to families facing life-threatening illnesses, sponsor children’s athletic leagues, and participate in many charitable events. Most importantly, we work hard to protect the benefits, working conditions, training and equipment of our members so they can continue to work hard to protect all of us in the community.

SPOG and KCPOG Statement Regarding Early Release of Prisoners

For Immediate Release
Wednesday, April 15, 2020
Contact: Mike Solan, SPOG, &
Mike “Manny” Mansanerez, KCPOG,

Seattle Police Officers’ Guild and King County Police Officers Guild
Release Joint Statement Regarding Early Release of Prisoners

(Seattle, WA) Seattle Police Officers’ Guild President Mike Solan and King County Police Officers Guild President Mike “Manny” Mansanerez release the following joint statement regarding the Governor’s decision to release nearly 1,000 prisoners early:

“We are concerned about the safety of our neighborhoods in these already difficult times and it requires a team effort.  We have had no detailed briefings on the early release of nearly 1,000 inmates.  It’s the communities across our great state and our officers that protect them that will end up dealing with the negative outcomes of these decisions and its risk to public safety.  They are behind bars for a reason.  We’d hope for more of a partnership when it comes to matters involving public safety.”

For a downloadable copy of the release [Click Here].

Watch COVID 19 Task Force Live

SPOG To Share COVID19 Task Force Live Stream

Seattle, WA- On Wednesday, March 25, a local public access news affiliate announced it will no longer be airing the White House’s live press COVID-19 news briefings. SPOG President Mike Solan Released the following statement:

Seattle Police Best Practices During COVID19

Your Seattle Police, along with fellow Departments and Police Unions nationally, are working together to develop and share best practices to keep our Officers and communities safe and functioning well during this crisis.

“As every police agency and union in the nation scrambles to deal with the COVID-19 virus outbreak, it can be easy to become focused on just trying to get through the next day. It is critical that police union leaders have access to the best practices implemented at other agencies across the country to improve your ability to protect your membership and community. ” Read Full Press Release

#StayHealthy #StandingWithSeattle #SeattleCopsCare



SPOG Supports Elementary School During Holidays

During the holidays, we bought presents and sponsored families of students at Rainier View Elementary. We also had the opportunity to visit classrooms handing out high fives and candy canes, and witnessed the dedication of all the teachers of Rainier View Elementary. Check out the video!

A very special thank you to Principal Anitra Jones for the exceptional work she puts in every day with every student. We are tremendously grateful for the continuous opportunity to give back to the community we all call home. #SeattleCopsCare #StandingWithSeattle


Seattle Police Officers Guild Elects New Board of Directors

Seattle Police Officers’ Guild
2949 Fourth Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98134
206.767.1150 (phone)
206.768.1848 (fax)

Kevin Stuckey – President
Mike Solan – Vice President
Walt Hayden – Secretary/Treasurer




February 4, 2020

TO: All Media Outlets
FM: Sarah Scott, Administrative Director, Seattle Police Officers’ Guild
RE: Seattle Police Officers’ Guild Elects New Board of Directors

The Seattle Police Officers’ Guild is pleased to announce the results of the recent election for the SPOG Board of Directors. The membership elected Officer Mike Solan as SPOG President. Officer Solan defeated the incumbent, Officer Kevin Stuckey who has served as President since 2016. Officer Solan received over 70% of the membership vote. Officer Walt Hayden was re-elected to serve on the Executive board as SPOG Secretary-Treasurer. Officer Solan and Officer Hayden will serve three year terms. Elected as board members for two year terms were: Sergeant Tom McLaughlin, Officer Kerry Zieger, Officer Wayne Johnson, Officer Dan Auderer, and Sergeant Lauren Truscott.

Officer Solan stated, “I am humbled and excited to be elected by the SPOG membership as their next President. SPOG members are proud public safety professionals that selflessly serve our community. It will be my honor to tirelessly represent them. I want to publicly thank Kevin Stuckey for his work and I look forward to working closely with him during this transitional period.”

The Seattle Police Officers’ Guild is the largest police labor union in the northwest and represents all sworn Seattle Police Officers and Sergeants which includes over 1250 members.

For more information, contact SPOG at 206-767-1150.

COMPAS Demand for Apology from FOP

The Council of Metropolitan Police and Sheriffs (COMPAS) is requesting that the Washington Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) issue a public apology for their actions in relation to COMPAS Executive Director Renee Maher and Behind the Badge Program Director Gayle Frink-Schulz.

On Wednesday, January 22, at 3:30 pm in Olympia, Washington, there was a hearing on Senate Bill 6225, a bill that creates a license plate for the FOP.  Members of the Washington Fraternal Order of Police attended the hearing to support the bill.  Other law enforcement advocacy organizations such as Washington Council of Police and Sheriffs (WACOPS) and COMPAS attended to oppose it.  The FOP brought along several guests, including a woman whose brother was a deputy who committed suicide.  Her testimony to the Transportation committee spoke of the terrible tragedy of her brother’s loss.

Gayle Frink-Schulz spoke on behalf of Behind the Badge, a charitable organization that receives funding from its own license plate.  Funding pays for the maintenance of the law enforcement memorial in Olympia, helps pay for funerals of fallen officers and provides on-going events and support for those left behind.  Ms. Frink-Schulz is the surviving spouse of Washington State Trooper Steve Frink who died in the line of duty on March 22, 1993.

Executive Director Renee Maher testified on behalf of COMPAS.  She enthusiastically supported the idea of finding resources to help officers in crisis but expressed concerns that law enforcement supporters would be forced to choose between the FOP license and Behind the Badge license resulting in reduced funds to the only organization in the state that assists survivor families.  Ms. Maher is the surviving spouse of Federal Way Officer Patrick Maher who was shot and killed in the line of duty on August 2, 2003.

At the conclusion of the hearing, the woman who testified on behalf of the FOP turned toward Ms. Frink-Schulz and started screaming at her.  She pointed her finger and yelled to Ms. Frink-Schulz that “you should be ashamed of yourself!”  She continued to scream and berate Ms. Frink-Schulz.  Upon approaching Ms. Maher, she stopped, pointed her finger and screamed that Ms. Maher should be ashamed as well.  This behavior was completely unprovoked.  The woman continued to scream and yell insults directed at Ms. Maher and Ms. Frink-Schulz even after leaving the committee room but while still standing in the hallway.  One of the members of the FOP put his arm around Ms. Maher and instead of offering an apology or words of comfort, he directed her to go speak to a particular legislator before she “stepped in it again.”

While we do not hold the FOP accountable for the words or actions of this distraught woman, we do believe that the FOP’s disparaging remarks to Ms. Maher immediately after one of their guests verbally accosted her was demeaning and unprofessional.  Members of the FOP walked away with no apology and no acknowledgement of their guest’s hostile actions directed at two women with decades-long reputations for supporting law enforcement officers and their families.

We insist that the Washington State Fraternal Order of Police issue a public apology to Ms. Maher and Ms. Frink-Schulz.  Politics can be a very difficult business, filled with passion and emotion.  But there is no excuse and no justification for allowing two line of duty surviving spouses to endure name-calling and screamed insults in the name of politics.