Police Unions Launch Website to Expose the ACLU’s Negative Impact on Public Safety

Police Unions Launch Website to Expose

the ACLU’s Negative Impact on Public Safety

ACLU-Watch.com will catalog their anti-victim, pro-criminal agenda


Seattle, WA – The old ACLU was once a strong defender of our nation’s sacred first amendment, often taking unpopular clients and causes to prevent censorship and protect the freedom of expression. Unfortunately, today’s ACLU appears to be more interested in protecting and expanding the rights of sex offenders, murderers, thieves and molesters while attempting to curtail the rights of victims who are seeking justice.


ACLU-Watch.com is populated with actual positions the ACLU has taken, such as:


  • Opposing a law in Ohio to require those that masturbate in view of or expose themselves to children to register as a sex offender, or
  • Opposing a law in Nevada to increase penalties for child sex crimes, or
  • Supporting California’s Proposition 47 that has fueled the smash and grab thefts captured on video, removed the court’s ability to order rehabilitation for habitual drug offenders and changed many felonies to misdemeanors, or
  • Opposing a law in Michigan to extend the statute of limitations for both civil and criminal cases of sexual assault against children, or
  • Opposed a law in Pennsylvania to expand victim rights and allow children to testify via video and allow witnesses with autism to testify outside a court setting, or
  • Supporting California’s Proposition 57 that the ACLU told voters would only apply to non-violent offenders seeking early release from prison. In fact, Gregory Gadlin, convicted of forcible rape, forcible child molestation and assault with a deadly weapon is now eligible for release under Proposition 57 provisions.


ACLU-Watch.com is designed to expose the very real and dangerous positions, policies and programs the ACLU is promoting. Our research validates that the ACLU has lost its way and is clearly more interested in zero bail, reducing felonies to misdemeanors, lowering accountability for drug offenses and fighting for the rights of molesters, murderers, and thieves instead of victims and law abiding residents,” said Mike Solan, SPOG President. “Voters beware, if the ACLU is behind a law or ballot measure where you live there is a high likelihood that it won’t make you safer,” Solan added.

The website will be updated with new categories and new material from virtually every state in the union. The ACLU-Watch project is funded by the San Jose Police Officers Association, Los Angeles Police Protective League, San Francisco Police Officers Association, Seattle Police Officers Guild, San Diego Police Officers Association, Sacramento Police Officers Association, and the Las Vegas Police Protective Association.