Seattle Police Officers Collect Food For “Food Bank Friday”

A Project Within Seattle Police Officers Guild Emerald Protection Plan

Seattle, WA- On Thursday April 30th, officers will be placed at two local grocery stores to collect food donations from the public so our community can team up with our police officers to donate food items to food banks. Food Bank Friday is an innovative concept within SPOG’s broader community engagement plan called the Emerald Protection Plan.

“The past few weeks SPOG has collected food donations for local food banks from our officers when they’ve participated in our “Say NO 2 COVID Grab & Go” program at our union hall. We decided we could enhance our already tremendously successful haul of food donations from our officers by teaming up with local grocery stores and our fantastic community. If anyone in our community would like to help our police officers in donating their food items, they can visit our members at the local grocery stores we’ve partnered with for this week or they can visit our website for more details.” said SPOG President Mike Solan.

SPOG officers will be standing in front of our identified stores with clearly marked collection signs and a list of food items that are in most demand. This week, SPOG is pleased to announce that all food donations will be dropped off at The Food Bank @ St. Mary’s.

To download a copy of the advisory [Click Here].