Seattle Police Officers Guild Joins Press Conference in Opposition of Releasing Inmates

For Immediate Release
Wednesday April 22, 2020
Contact: Mike Solan

Mike Solan – President
Pete Schrantz– Vice President
Walt Hayden – Secretary/Treasurer

(OLYMPIA, WA) Seattle Police Officers Guild President Mike Solan will join crime victims and elected officials at a press conference tomorrow to voice their opposition to Governor Inslee’s planned release of 1,167 inmates from Washington State’s Department of Corrections due to the COVID-19 crisis. The Washington State Supreme Court will be hearing arguments on this matter, Court In Colvin V. Inslee.

“The inmates are behind bars for a reason and this is an injustice to crime victims. We disagree with Governor Inslee’s efforts to release inmates and view this as a critical public safety issue. Our officers work hard to fight for the safety of our neighborhoods and will continue to do so.”

TIME: 9 a.m.
DATE: Thursday, April 23, 2020
LOCATION: Steps of the Temple of Justice. 415 12th Ave SW., Olympia
SPEAKERS/ATENDEES: Sen. Keith Wagoner, Mike Solan President Seattle Police Officers Guild President, Bob Lurry Vice President King County Police Officers Guild, Tonya Fenton and Other Crime Victims

Seattle Police Officers’ Guild is the largest police labor union in the Northwest. We represent over 1,300 members, which includes all of the officers and sergeants on the Seattle Police Department. As a not for profit corporation, we receive no funding from government agencies or tax dollars. We strive to provide assistance to officers, their families and the community. Over the years, we have been able to make funds available to families facing life-threatening illnesses, sponsor children’s athletic leagues, and participate in many charitable events. Most importantly, we work hard to protect the benefits, working conditions, training and equipment of our members so they can continue to work hard to protect all of us in the community.