SPOG – Open Letter to Seattle

The Seattle Police Officers Guild is shocked by the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. This incident is in complete opposition to everything we stand for, and everything we are trained to do. There is no law enforcement or self-defense rationale for the prolonged use of the officer’s knee on Mr. Floyd’s neck.

We swear an oath to protect people, whether they’re a person in our custody or a victim of a crime. Reverence of life and rendering aid to those who need it are tenets of our profession. Officers must treat every citizen with respect, and should be held to the very highest standards of conduct. We have been entrusted by our communities to perform a complex and powerful role in our society, and this singular act completely violated that trust.

Although what was depicted in that video does not represent who we are as law enforcement professionals, we know it has diminished the trust and respect of officers nationwide. We trust Minneapolis officials will conduct a thorough investigation and push for accountability while knowing all officers will be held accountable for possibly years to come. We cannot affect the outcome of this tragedy in Minneapolis, but we can begin to repair and rebuild the trust of our communities.

The Seattle Police Officers Guild pledges to always protect and serve the people of Seattle.

We will continue to actively train, and seek training, to safely manage similar situations we may encounter to ensure safe resolutions. We vow to repair any trust lost by holding ourselves to the highest possible standard in a transparent way.

As we’ve already proven with food drives, blood drives, youth mentorship, and day-to-day interactions, we are an integral and invested part of Seattle. Our officers will continue to demonstrate our utmost professionalism and genuine caring for the people of this city on every contact they have with a citizen. SPOG members strive every day to be worthy of the badge they wear, and they are true public servants. We are proud to be part of this city and we believe we are a police force this city can be proud of in return.

As officers, we must speak out against injustice, but our actions will speak even louder than words. We will not let this tragedy define our noble profession.

May 29, 2020
Contact: Mike Solan
Email:  Mike@seattlepoliceguild.org