SPOG’s Response to the Chauvin Verdict

Today, a Minnesota jury respected due process and the rule of law by issuing a guilty verdict in
the Chauvin Trial. For communities across our nation to trust law enforcement, they must have
trust in our nation’s criminal justice system. Adhering and respecting the rule of law is key to
that trust.

Just days after George Floyd’s death, SPOG authored a letter to our Seattle community that said,
“The Seattle Police Officers’ Guild is shocked by the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.
This incident is in complete opposition to everything we stand for, and everything we are
trained to do. There is no law enforcement or self-defense rationale for the prolonged use of
the officer’s knee on Mr. Floyd’s neck.” As of today SPOG still believes in this statement.

Seattle Police Officers are amazing professional police officers who serve at the communities
will, and understand that we must continue our commitment to learning new skills and being a
partner in evolving policing. We promise to continue being that model of police reform that was
recently touted by our elected politicians. We promise to never rest on continuing that work.

We hope that today’s decision will allow our community to heal, embrace peace and rebuild our
trust. Our bond must be stronger than those intent on dividing us. Our hope for the Seattle
community is that those who will be exercising their right to free speech in the coming days can
do so without violence and destruction. The Seattle Police Officers Guild supports the right to
free speech, but cannot support continued destruction of businesses and property or assaults on
police officers.

SPOG is a strong reflection of Seattle’s diversity and values. I want to thank each and every
Seattle Police Officer for taking part in being that model of reform and for serving our
community under immense scrutiny this past year. You are valued and respected. Thank you for
your service.

Mike Solan
Seattle Police Officers’ Guild