Seattle Public Safety Index

A Numeric Measurement of Seattle’s Public Safety Level

“The Seattle Public Safety Index (SPSI) is the first numerical measurement of Seattle’s current public safety level.  With the unprecedented rise of violent crime in Seattle, it was time to share accurate crime data with Seattle residents” said Mike Solan, President of SPOG.

The SPSI measures the true level of public safety in Seattle by factoring in the current number of deployable officers, weekly crime data, historical crime trends and polling of Seattle residents in each of the city’s police precincts to gain an accurate accounting of the public safety level in Seattle.  The SPSI is updated weekly.

WEEK OF JUNE 12, 2022

The PSI remains at 24 this week as homicides continue to climb along with officer separations.  Seattle must retain our current qualified officers.   At this rate, Seattle will lose over 195 qualified officers this year.  Officer retention is crucial to maintaining public safety.  The total number of officers that have left SPD since 10/2020 is 446.  In addition to the 140 officers that are currently unavailable, the net loss is 586 officers.

Separations Year to Date

  • January: 20
  • February: 13
  • March: 9
  • April: 17
  • May: 16
  • June: 12



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