Vaccine Mandate for Seattle City Workers

Vaccine Mandate for Seattle City Workers

The Seattle Police Officers Guild believes that City of Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan’s announcement today ordering all City of Seattle workers to be vaccinated against COVID-19 by October 18th, 2021 or face termination is a mandatory subject of bargaining. Mayor Durkan’s timeline for vaccination doesn’t provide enough time for labor relations to bargain the decision of effects. SPOG was not consulted with this decision. The question remains, if our community is 82.5% vaccinated and the majority of SPOG members are vaccinated against COVID-19, why
now mandate vaccines?

SPOG members have continued to work on the front lines during COVID-19. We have a low transmission rate. While other city workers were allowed to work from home, SPOG members continued to serve our community.

SPOG is concerned for the safety and wellbeing of all of our members including those with personal vaccination beliefs. Our Seattle community is already experiencing a Seattle Police Department staffing crisis. Given this crisis; which in part resulting in an alarming crime wave, can Seattle now endure more losses of police officers due to Mayor Durkan’s vaccination order?

The Seattle Police Officers Guild is the largest police labor union in the State of Washington. We represent over 1000 sworn officers and sergeants.